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Eight weeks of impressions and experiences
05.09.2010 13:50

Von: Eugen Weber

Scholarship students 2010 are back from Australia

Australienaustausch 2010

Our trip to Australia started at the airport on a Wednesday morning. After hugging everyone goodbye and losing some tears we were ready to start. 26 hours later we finally arrived at Melbourne airport, where our host brothers were already waiting.
As soon as we overcame our shyness, the adventure started. Eight weeks full of impressions and experiences followed. We went to school at Trinity Grammar, visited sights, watched a typical "footy" match, flew over to Sydney for a day and the most important thing: we made friends with some boys from the other side of the world. Our English improved a lot.
At the end of our journey we said bye with one eye crying and one laughing. And one thing is for sure: we both will go back to Australia again, because there is still a lot more to discover.
Nastasia Menzel, Theresa Schmitt

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