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Letter from Australia
24.06.2012 18:28

Von: Sohie Kress/Anne Kraemer

Schüleraustausch/Stipendium Marianum-Trinity Grammar School

Sophie Kress (li.) und Anne Kraemer mit ihren Gastgebern Fred Hiskins (li.) und Neil Kemister vor Trinity Grammar School

G'day everyone!
We arrived after a very long time on our two planes – Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi to Melbourne – on Friday evening and were welcomed with red balloons.
Our host families are very, very, very nice and we get along with them very well. The first day at Trinity Grammar School was a bit strange for us because we are the only girls but we finally got used to it and we have chosen our own subjects by now.
After school we watch the rehearsals for "Grease" (their school musical) or the boys doing sport.
We've already seen Eureka Skydeck + the EDGE (and survived!!) and other parts of Melbourne.
Our holidays start next week and we will see Sydney and the Outback.
C'ya mates!

Sophie & Anne

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