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How is it goin‘? (English version)
18.09.2007 21:03

Von: Eugen Weber

Scholarship Marianum - Trinity Grammar School 2007 That is the Australian way of saying 'Hi' which we got to know during 8 weeks this summer. You may have heard of the Australia exchange that gives two Marianum students the opportunity of attending Trinity Grammar School in Kew, Melbourne every year. At Trinity we improved our English, got in contact with the Australian school system and had a lot of fun, too.

Trinity Grammar School was founded in 1903 and it is an Anglican school for boys. Trinity goes from kindergarten for 3-year-olds right through to year 12. Their school system is pretty different to ours. In senior school we tried to attend different classes. The students have the choice between “normal” subjects such as languages and sciences but also accounting, psychology, cooking and other subjects which we don’t have. So it was a totally different experience. VCE (ABI) subjects start in year 11 (until 12) and are comparable to our year 12 and 13. Trinity has links with Ruyton Girls School for some classes. Another new experience for us was that their school is divided into 8 different houses: Cowen, Arnold, Merrit etc., which are competing in music and sports. We got the chance to be a part of “house athletics” where all the houses ran against each other and we supported “our” house as a member of it. During the two-week holiday after Term One our host families took us to Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast and of course to outer Melbourne where we saw the typical wildlife of Australia. The landscape is really different to ours in Germany. Instead of all the smaller towns there are only those huge cities such as Melbourne and Sydney and the outback is empty, hot and dry. On our 9-hour-trip to Sydney all we saw were some kangaroos. We have got to know so many people we hopefully stay in contact with and are looking forward to December when Karl Haydar & Kent Jones (see picture) are going to visit us and attend Marianum School.
Julia Henkel and Lukas Clobes (Year 12)

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